Press Release: Hospital Falls Reduced with Growth of Wireless Monitoring Technologies

For Immediate Release, September 27, 2021

[Chicago, Illinois] Parasol Medical announced today that the company is witnessing a rapid market shift as hospitals are converting from wired fall monitoring systems to wireless systems.

Each year, according to the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, between 700,000 and 1,000,000 people in the United States fall while they are hospital patients, with 30-50% resulting in injury. Research shows that close to one-third of all of these falls can be prevented.

Human error has been identified as one primary factor in falls prevention. In many of these cases, the wired monitoring system is unplugged when the patient is moved by a nurse, housekeeping or transportation staff. When the patient is returned to bed the staff forgets to plug the pressure pads and monitoring hub back together. As a result, the entire monitoring system—a critical falls prevention element—becomes non-functional.

The physical environment is another leading factor of falls. Accounting to The Joint Commission, of a total of 538 hospitals falls resulting in severe injury or death, 209 of them (39%) identified the physical environment as part of the root cause. Wired monitoring systems can introduce new tripping hazards from the cords themselves, which unfortunately can have an adverse outcome on the very problem being addressed.

With the average hospital cost for a fall injury coming in at more than $30,000—and often much higher—there’s a strong financial incentive for hospitals to improve their fall prevention systems. Mike Kilcran, CEO of Parasol, said, “With a wireless solution like Parasol’s total-room Fall Prevention System, there is nothing to unplug, nothing to reset, and nothing to forget. Plus, by eliminating cords, we not only give our customers the ability to configure rooms in a way that is unrestricted by cord lengths or nurse call outlets, but they also eliminate a significant environmental factor—a tripping hazard—that could contribute to a fall. It’s all about maximizing patient safety and protection and it’s encouraging to see this rapid market shift.”

About Parasol Medical:
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