Press Release: Parasol Medical Introduces Its Award-Winning Wireless Patient Fall Prevention System Featuring Real-Time Incontinence Monitoring

First completely wireless system prevents costly patient falls

Parasol Medical, a leading developer of specialty medical devices, has introduced the world’s first completely wireless patient Fall Prevention System that combines patient fall monitoring with real-time incontinence monitoring.

Entering the fall prevention market in 2013, Parasol quickly became the leader with many of the nation’s most prestigious healthcare institutions. “We have been deeply engaged in engineering our new wireless device to reinvent the practice of falls prevention,” states Patrick Eddy, Vice President and Chief Technology Officer of Parasol Medical.

This next-generation wireless fall prevention device is equipped with new, innovative features offering nurses and caregivers the most advanced tool to prevent costly injuries. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reported, “In 2013, direct medical costs for falls—what patients and insurance companies pay—totaled $34 billion.” Going wireless gives care facilities the freedom to configure patient rooms without regard for the location of outlets, and eliminates the potential tripping hazards caused by cords.

With this introduction, Parasol continues to innovate and push the boundaries of technology in the development of new tools to eliminate patient falls. According to the Agency of Healthcare Research and Quality, “Of the nearly 1.6 million residents in U.S. nursing facilities, approximately half fall annually.” The system is the first to create a total room solution simultaneously monitoring any surface the patient occupies with these new features:

  • Wireless integration with the nurse call system
  • Real-time incontinence monitoring engineered into unique, absorbent pads – notifying clinicians when a patient has evacuated in bed as an early warning system
  • LED lights to help navigate patients from bed to bathroom
  • Personalized record button allowing caregivers or family members to record instructions to the patient
  • Anti-microbial treatment with MicrobeCare, a permanently bonded antimicrobial for maximum infection control

“We knew we had engineered and developed something completely new and innovative when we were awarded 1st place in MedAssets’ New Emerging Technology Forum, including more than 500 of the country’s most innovative medical device manufacturers,” states Mike Kilcran, President of Parasol Medical.

About Parasol Medical

Parasol Medical is a premier developer of specialty medical devices designed to serve the growing and ever changing needs of the healthcare industry. Parasol’s direct relationships with clinical end users allows them to develop and quickly implement suggestions and changes to product designs that make the lives of caregivers easier and improve patient outcomes.

The company is rapidly expanding its footprint within the medical device category to include patient safety, advanced wound care products, compression therapy and infection control technologies. Parasol Medical complies with Current Good Manufacturing Practices CGMP and maintains an ISO 13485 quality system.